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Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card
Our rating:4.1 Our writers, editors and industry experts score credit cards based on a variety of factors including card features, bonus offers and independent research. Credit card issuers have no say or influence on how we rate cards. The score seen here reflects the card's primary category rating. For more information, you can read about how we rate our cards.

Recommended credit

670-850 (Good to Excellent) credit ranges are a variation of FICO® Score 8, one of many types of credit scores lenders may use when considering your credit card application.

Rewards rate

Earn unlimited 2% cash rewards on purchases

At A Glance

Intro offer
$200 cash rewards Earn a $200 cash rewards bonus after spending $1,000 in purchases in the first 3 months
Annual fee
Regular APR
19.49%, 24.49%, or 29.49% variable APR
Wells Fargo Reflect® Card
Our rating:4.6 Our writers, editors and industry experts score credit cards based on a variety of factors including card features, bonus offers and independent research. Credit card issuers have no say or influence on how we rate cards. The score seen here reflects the card's primary category rating. For more information, you can read about how we rate our cards.

Recommended credit

670-850 (Good to Excellent) credit ranges are a variation of FICO® Score 8, one of many types of credit scores lenders may use when considering your credit card application.

Rewards rate

This card doesn't offer cash back, miles, or points

At A Glance

Intro offer
No current offer
Annual fee
Regular APR
17.49% - 29.49% variable APR
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All information about the® Rewards Visa® Credit Card, the Wells Fargo Visa Signature Card, the Wells Fargo Rewards Card, the Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa® card, the Wells Fargo Platinum and the Wells Fargo Cash Back College Card have been collected independently by and has not been reviewed by the issuer. The Wells Fargo Platinum card is no longer available.

A guide to Wells Fargo credit cards

With a vibrant history and competitive financial products, Wells Fargo is among the banking leaders in the United States and world. This 169-year-old bank offers commercial and personal banking services alike, including a suite of credit card products sure to please. Here, we look at the cards we offer on our site, the bank’s storied history, and its rewards and benefits.

Comparing the best Wells Fargo credit cards

Credit cardBest ratingAnnual fee
Wells Fargo Active Cash® CardEveryday cash rewards3.7 / 5$0
Wells Fargo Reflect® CardLongest intro APR4.1 / 5$0® Rewards Visa® Credit CardOccasional hotel guests3.6 / 5$0
Wells Fargo Platinum cardBalance transfers4.0 / 5$0
Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa® cardCash back3.0 / 5$0

Editor’s picks: Wells Fargo credit card details

Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card: Best for everyday cash rewards

Why we picked it: For a card with no annual fee, the Wells Fargo Active Cash card offers a generous unlimited 2% cash rewards on eligible purchases, making it simple to maximize earnings on daily purchases. This card also offers a competitive sign-up bonus, offering a $200 cash rewards bonus for spending $1,000 on purchases within three months of account opening. For those looking to manage debt or perform a balance transfer, Wells Fargo offers a 0% introductory APR on purchases as well as qualifying balance transfers for 15 months from account opening, then 19.49%, 24.49% or 29.49% variable APR.

Pros: Wells Fargo offers a simple rewards structure and earnings never expire so long as your account remains in good standing. Plus, there are no rotating categories to keep track of and no enrollments required. The card also includes perks like up to $600 in cellphone protection credit when you pay your cellphone bill with the card (subject to $25 deductible) and Visa Signature Concierge benefits at select hotel properties worldwide.

Cons: No bonus categories to speak of means those looking to truly maximize earnings will want to pair this with a higher-earning card. Ancillary benefits and card perks are limited compared to other cards. There is a 3% intro balance transfer fee on qualifying transfers made within the first 120 days then up to 5% ($5 minimum) after the 120 day introductory period ends and a 3% foreign transaction fee.

Who should apply? Anyone looking for a simple and flexible way to earn rewards on daily spending will see a lot of value from this well-rounded, multi-faceted Wells Fargo card. Pairing 2% cash rewards with a welcome bonus and introductory APR offers makes for a worthwhile card.

Who should skip? A rewards-seeker who wants to capitalize on special offers and bonus rates should look to other rewards cards, specifically ones with rotating cash back categories.

Read our Wells Fargo Active Cash Card review.

Wells Fargo Reflect® Card: Best for longest intro APR

Why we picked it: This card from Wells Fargo now touts one of the longest introductory APR offers on the market, offering up to 21 months from account opening of 0% introductory APR on purchases and qualifying balance transfers. That’s a base 18 month offer, plus a three-month extension if you make on-time monthly minimum payments for the length of the intro period (17.49% to 29.49% variable APR thereafter).

Pros: While there are no base rewards on spending, the card does tout a few notable ancillary benefits, including access to My Wells Fargo Deals and up to $600 in cellphone protection against damage or theft if you use the card to pay your monthly phone bill (subject to a $25 deductible).

Cons: There’s no earning on your spending, which may lead some cardholders to a different card with significant long-term value. However, the real drawback here is the balance transfer fee, which can be as high as 5% (or $5, whichever is greater) if you don’t transfer the balance within 120 days of account opening (3% intro balance transfer fee then up to 5%, $5 minimum).

Who should apply? If you’re looking for a long window to pay back high-interest credit card debt or a large purchase, look no further.

Who should skip? Anyone looking to earn cash back, points or miles should look elsewhere. This card doesn’t feature a rewards program.

Read our Wells Fargo Reflect® Card review.® Rewards Visa® Credit Card: Best for occasional hotel guests

Why we picked it: This hotel credit card is an option for people who travel less frequently and at various chains, given it helps you earn nights on future bookings for no annual fee. For a limited time, new cardholders can earn 2 reward nights worth $250 total (max $125 per night*), when you spend $1,000 on purchases in the first three months. Plus, get another reward night worth $125 when you spend $4,000 in total purchases within the first six months. (*excludes taxes and fees, if a night costs less than $125 you won’t get the difference).

Pros: You’ll enjoy a number of ancillary travel perks, including no foreign currency conversion fees, certain travel protections, and automatic® Rewards Silver status, which entitles you to extras, like free Wi-Fi or complimentary breakfast, at select properties.

Cons: The rewards program is complex: It functions more like a small business loyalty program where you earn “stamps” to put toward nights on future bookings, and can take some time to master. If you travel more frequently, are loyal to a specific chain or are looking for luxury perks, you’ll be better-served by a premium travel credit card.

Who should apply? If you book trips through (even less frequently), you can leverage the card to earn stays without having to shoulder an annual fee.

Who should skip? Frequent flyers and travelers who are loyal to certain airlines or hotel chains may have more luck with a more rewards-filled travel card.

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Wells Fargo Platinum card: Best for balance transfers

Why we picked it: One of the longest introductory periods out there, this card gives cardholders ample time to recover from a large purchase or past credit card debt problems.

Pros: In addition to saving money through its high end offers on introductory APRs, this card comes with no annual fee. It also features a slew of nice perks: up to $600 cellphone protection (a $25 deductible applies), free access to your FICO score, overdraft protection, rapid alerts, roadside dispatch and more.

Cons: Being a card designed for interest savings, this option does not feature any sort of rewards program. Those looking to get rewarded for their spending will have to look elsewhere.

Who should apply? If you’ve found yourself swimming in credit card debt, a balance transfer card is an excellent way to stop yourself from drowning. With some planning and attentive spending, you can make a huge dent in your debt and work your way towards a more free financial future.

Who should skip? Someone who wants to be rewarded for their spending should look at options providing cash back or points structures, as long as your credit score qualifies.

Read our Wells Fargo Platinum card review.

Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa® card: Best for cash back

Why we picked it: With a flat rate of 1.5% cash rewards on purchases, cardholders can earn consistent, easy-to-understand rewards. You can redeem your unlimited, non-expiring cash rewards online or through a Wells Fargo ATM if you’re a customer of the bank. The rewards can be used freely as cash or can be put towards other things: paying down a loan, gift cards, merchandise, travel, digital rewards and charitable donations.

Pros: This no annual fee card comes with a sign-up bonus opportunity to earn $150 cash rewards after spending $500 on purchases in your first three months. As a way to earn extra, cardholders can take advantage of 1.8% cash rewards on purchases made through Google Pay™ and Apple Pay®  in their first 12 months.

Cons: One common complaint with this card is a lack of flexibility: You can only withdraw cash in increments of $20 at the ATM and $25 by phone. Also, although the card offers several ways to earn, many have a limited time period. If you think this may be the right option for you, it might be time to get familiar with digital wallets to take full advantage.

Who should apply? Anyone looking for a simple rewards card with a sign-up bonus and welcome offers on interest rates could benefit from this card. A flat rate cash back card can be a great option to complement other rewards options such as rotating cash back cards, travel cards, airline cards and more.

Who should skip? An experienced cardholder with a great credit score may be eligible for a card with more lenient and flexible rewards opportunities.

Read our Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa card review.

What is Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo & Company is one of the “Big Four” banks of the U.S., alongside JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and Citigroup. Headquartered in San Francisco, Wells Fargo provides financial services, including banking, investment and mortgage products.

Founded in 1852, Wells Fargo now works to provide exceptional value to its customers through its online and mobile banking services, as well as over 7,200 locations and more than 13,000 ATMs.

Wells Fargo’s operations include personal, small business and commercial services. Here are some of the services it offers.


  • Banking. In addition to checking and savings, there are also debit and prepaid cards, as well as credit cards.
  • Loans and credit. These include everything from mortgage and home equity to personal and student loans.
  • Investing and retirement. Services include IRAs, rollovers, and mutual funds and investment services.
  • Wealth management. This includes wealth planning and trust services.

Small business

  • Banking. This includes business checking, savings, IRAs and debit.
  • Loans and credit. From business credit cards to business real estate and healthcare practices financing, these services are expansive.
  • Merchant services. Wells Fargo offers Clover POS Systems, as well as payment and credit card processing.
  • Payroll and other services. This includes payroll services, time and attendance, investing for retirement and other services.


From auto dealerships to waste and recycling, Wells Fargo has extensive experience in the commercial sphere. Services include commercial financing, real estate and trust services, as well as international services and investment banking.

Pros and cons of Wells Fargo credit cards


  • Tackle your debt. Many of Wells’ cards come with extended periods of 0% APR on balance transfers, a window for cardholders to get smart with handling their debt. If you have outstanding credit card debt, consolidating to one of Wells Fargo’s cards to pay down without interest can be a great way for a fresh start.
  • Make a large purchase. Similar to their balance transfer offers, Wells gives 0% APR offers on purchases. This means you can carry a balance interest-free for a predetermined period of time, allowing you to buy something expensive that you may not be able to fully pay for upfront and not face pesky charges initially. You can pay off your balance in increments over this time, just try to zero it out before the offer ends.
  • Well-rounded offers. Some of Wells Fargo’s cards feature both rewards and 0% APR offers while having no annual fee, plus a slew of benefits that are common if you carry with the bank. You can find perks to help with personal and financial security, access to your credit score, cellphone protection, emergency travel protections and more.


  • Miss out on rewards. Though you can find great rewards with Wells’ cards, they have some offers that require a high credit score that won’t earn you any rewards. Though these cards are designed to help finance large purchases and answer debt problems, certain cardholders might want another option in their repertoire to earn rewards.
  • Low earnings potential. Wells Fargo’s rewards structures don’t come with rotating categories, huge sign-up bonuses or extraordinarily-high rates. Someone who wants to truly maximize their credit card earnings will want to look at rewards cards that give heightened rates in certain areas and reward you with large bonuses for early spending.
  • International charges. Wells Fargo’s cards aren’t free from foreign transaction fees, meaning you’ll likely face a 3% charge every time you swipe your card when traveling abroad. Wanderlusting cardholders will want to look elsewhere or try to pair their card with a solid travel option to avoid making their trips pricier than necessary.

How to choose a Wells Fargo credit card

Finding the right credit card starts with knowing what features matter most to you. Want to build or improve your credit? Earn the highest cash back rewards for the things you spend the most on? Or do you want to make interest-free payments on purchases or past debt for a set period of time? Whatever your goal, chances are there’s a credit card for you.

When you know what features you’re looking for, you’ll need to know your credit score and compare the cards that best fit you and your creditworthiness. A tool like CardMatch can do a lot of the work for you. By answering a few questions, you’ll quickly get credit card options tailored to your needs and credit profile.

One of your options might even be a Wells Fargo card. But before you apply, read on for some information that can help you decide if a card of theirs is truly right for you and check if you can prequalify with Wells Fargo.

Who should get a Wells Fargo card

  • Everyday rewards seekers: Wells Fargo has a couple of options perfect for someone on the hunt for consistent cash back rewards on every purchase. The Wells Fargo Active Cash can get cardholders unlimited 2% cash rewards on eligible purchases, making for a simple and worthwhile rewards structure. A slightly less flexible option, the Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa gets cardholders a competitive 1.5% cash rewards on all purchases, but there’s some restrictions when it comes to redemption.
  • Debt solvers: Someone looking to combat a debt problem has a no-brainer option with Wells Fargo: the Reflect card. You’ll get 18 months from account opening of 0% intro APR on both purchases and qualifying balance transfers (then 17.49% to 29.49% variable APR after) with an option for an intro APR extension for three months with on-time minimum payments during the intro period. That is a generous 21 months to set up a budget and payment plan to clear yourself from debt.
  • Mobile-savvy cardholders: Shoppers who often use mobile wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay may be interested in the Cash Wise Visa’s welcome offer. You can get 1.8% cash rewards on all purchases made through the mobile wallets in your first 12 months and have a little more of a leash when redeeming cash back through your phone.

Who should skip a Wells Fargo card

  • Travelers: Wells Fargo rewards their cardholders, but none of their cards are geared to help anyone save on vacations or take trips in luxury. Frequent flyers and on-the-go business people should look to add hotel credit cards, airline options and other travel cards to their itinerary.
  • Category chasers: Someone who spends a lot of money in one category, whether it be at the grocery store, at restaurants, at the pump or any other particular spot should look to get rewarded. Gas credit cards, airline cards and cards that get extra points and cash back at supermarkets can earn you a bit extra.
  • Credit newcomers: People getting started on their credit-building journey have many credit card options that can help them earn rewards as their score grows. While Wells Fargo cards can help you boost your credit, most of their choices require a solid credit score to be approved. Other providers give options that are tailor-made for those beginning to build their credit, like student cards, secured options and fee-friendly starter cards.

What credit score is needed for  a Wells Fargo credit card?

Featuring options with strong widespread rewards and extended 0% intro APR windows, Wells Fargo’s credit cards require at least a good credit score (in the 670 – 739 range) to be approved. It’s best practice to see if you prequalify with Wells Fargo to avoid a hard inquiry on your credit report and to get a good idea of whether you’d be approved or not. For those who aren’t yet in the credit range to obtain one of their options, there are routes you can take with other credit cards to build your credit score for more possibilities. Secured cards, student cards and cards for bad credit can be essentials on the journey to carrying high-end cards.

What programs does a Wells Fargo credit card offer

Like many credit card issuers, Wells Fargo has their own rewards and redemption program as well as a plethora of perks and benefits cardholders can take advantage of. The Wells Fargo Rewards program is a way cardholders can realize the earnings they’ve accumulated and redeem for a variety of rewards, but Wells Fargo has a long list of additional benefits for their carriers.

Wells Fargo Rewards program

When swiping on an eligible purchase with your Wells Fargo credit card, you’ll earn Rewards points. These come in handy when you have a big trip planned or even when making daily purchases at your local Starbucks; your rewards can be redeemed for flights, hotels, gift cards and more.

The program is unique because both Wells Fargo’s cash back and points credit cards will earn Rewards, however, the redemption options can change from card to card. Here’s how the Wells Fargo Rewards program works.

Which credit cards earn Wells Fargo Rewards?

Wells Fargo offers several credit cards with the ability to earn Wells Fargo Rewards points. You’ll have to consider each option’s affordability and how it fits your lifestyle, but any of the following provide access to easy earning opportunities:

  • Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa® card: You’ll earn unlimited 1.5% cash rewards on purchases and a $150 intro bonus after spending $500 in the first 3 months, plus no annual fee. If that’s not welcoming enough, you’ll also earn 1.8% cash rewards on digital wallet purchases in your first year. Rewards will appear in your account as Rewards points, but you’ll only be able to redeem for cash.
  • Wells Fargo Visa Signature® Card: This card offers the ability to earn 5X points on up to $12,500 spent on gas, grocery and drugstore purchases for the first six months and 1X points on other purchases. Additionally, your points will receive a 50% boost in value when redeeming for airfare and you won’t face paying an annual fee.
  • Wells Fargo Rewards® Card: Similar to the Wells Fargo Visa Signature, the Wells Fargo Rewards Card also earns 5X points on up to $12,500 spent on gas, grocery and drugstore purchases for the first six months and 1X points on other purchases. While you can avoid an annual fee, this card doesn’t offer a value boost to points.
  • Wells Fargo Cash Back College℠ Card: A top student credit card thanks to its rewards offerings, this option earns 3% cash rewards for up to $2,500 spent on gas, grocery, and drugstore purchases for the first six months, plus 1% cash back rewards on virtually all other purchases and no annual fee. Rewards will register as Rewards points and are only redeemable for cash.

Best redemption options with Wells Fargo Rewards program

Earning Wells Fargo Rewards

The Wells Fargo Rewards program allow you to earn by shopping, booking travel and taking advantage of special offers. Oftentimes card issuers allow points-earning through partnerships with third parties, but Wells Fargo is a little more particular in their ways to earn:

  • Using an eligible Wells Fargo credit card. When you can, capitalize on your card’s bonus categories and use as much credit as you’re comfortable with to maximize earning potential. Gas, groceries, travel and most other purchases in between will help accumulate points.
  • Shopping through the Earn More Mall® site. A place where your earnings can reach new heights, Wells Fargo’s online shopping portal can earn you anywhere from 2X to 10X points on purchases. Before doing any miscellaneous online shopping, take a look here first.

Redeeming Wells Fargo Rewards

Your Rewards can be redeemed for a variety of different things, including travel options, merchandise, online exclusives and more. Cash back, statement credits and travel perks offer the best value, but taking a glimpse at the options might lead you elsewhere:

  • Cash back. Request a check in the mail ($25 increments) or withdraw earnings from a Wells Fargo ATM ($20 increments).
  • Statement credit. Redeem your earnings in increments of $25 by applying them directly to your credit card balance.
  • Travel. Flights, hotels, rental cars and more can be booked through the Wells Fargo Rewards travel site.
  • Gift cards. Purchase digital or physical gift cards by redeeming points for 1 cent each.
  • Merchandise. Enter the Rewards online auction to bid on merchandise using your points. You can also purchase items through the Earn More Mall.
  • Digital downloads. Purchase music, e-books and more using your points. Be aware that prices vary and it’s likely you’ll get less than 1 cent of value per point this way.
  • Send a gift. You can send anyone with any type of Wells Fargo account a gift of cash using your points. Points can transfer to friends and family if they have access to Wells Fargo Rewards and you even have the option to gift points to charity.

Value of Wells Fargo Rewards

As long as you have an open Wells Fargo account, the value of your points won’t expire. When it comes to pure value, Wells Fargo Rewards points are worth:

  • 1 cent per point for most redemptions
  • 1.5 cents per point when redeeming for airfare with the Wells Fargo Visa Signature
  • 1.75 cents per point when redeeming for airfare with the Wells Fargo Visa Signature (after spending at least $50,000 on purchases in a year)

Although Wells Fargo Rewards generally have a fixed value, Wells Fargo encourages loyalty with some unique features and experiences. For example, when browsing the Earn More Mall, shoppers can add items to a wish list and be notified when you’ve saved enough points for a redemption. Wells Fargo Rewards also offers an online auction featuring merchandise you can bid on using points.

When comparing to other rewards programs, Wells Fargo Rewards are a bit different. Unlike Chase Ultimate Rewards or American Express Membership Rewards, points aren’t transferable to airline loyalty programs. This is often the best way to increase the value of rewards points, putting Wells Fargo Rewards at an immediate disadvantage. You do have the opportunity to boost their value to 1.75 cents apiece, but unless you’re willing to spend $50k in a year while only earning 1X points on most of your purchases, you’ll get 1.5 cents per point of value, max.

All in all, Wells Fargo Rewards points are competitive from a value standpoint but limited in their flexibility. Check out our Wells Fargo Rewards guide for further information.

Other benefits of having Wells Fargo cards

From the famous cellphone protection to auto rental collision damage waivers, the Wells Fargo cards offer respectable benefits. Here’s a list of some of the often-seen perks of Wells Fargo cards:

  • Zero liability protection and 24/7 fraud monitoring to protect against unauthorized transactions
  • Chip technology for added security
  • Rapid Alerts can be used to track purchases and get notified when there’s suspicious activity
  • Cellphone protection will help protect your mobile device from covered damage or theft when you pay your monthly cellphone bill with your eligible Wells Fargo card (a deductible applies)
  • With an auto rental collision damage waiver, you’ll get auto coverage for damage due to collision or theft
  • Emergency card replacement and cash disbursement are available by calling the number on the back of your card when you need an emergency cash advance or a replacement card delivered
  • Overdraft protection to ensure that you’re not harshly penalized when accidentally charging too much
  • Use My Money Map to create a budget and manage your spending
  • Free access to your FICO score to track your progress
  • Roadside dispatch and travel accident insurance to help whenever you’re in a bind with your vehicle
  • Travel and emergency assistance services to assist when you may need them the most

How we picked the best Wells Fargo credit cards

Research methodology: We analyzed Wells Fargo’s catalog of credit cards to identify their top offers on the market. While a large number of factors contribute to the quality of a credit card, the following were our most important criteria in evaluating and choosing the best here:

  • Terms of 0% intro APR period: Wells specializes in 0% APR offers for both purchases and balance transfers. We looked for their longest offers on the market (which are some of the best amongst all credit cards) and considered their after-offer APRs when narrowing down cards.
  • Available rewards: With not all of their cards earning rewards, we made sure to include choices that do give their cardholders a little incentive for their spending. We found sign-up bonuses and solid rewards and included those options here.
  • Rates and fees: We looked for Wells Fargo’s no annual fee options as well as ones that have reasonable ongoing APRs, avoid hidden fees and unnecessary charges, and aren’t overly costly for executing a balance transfer.

Our full criteria include: Rewards flexibility, sign-up incentives, balance transfer fees, regular APR, savings period, credit needed, security, ease of application, rewards potential and miscellaneous benefits.

Additional information on Wells Fargo credit cards

For more information on all things Wells Fargo credit cards, continue reading content from our credit card experts:

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